Thoracic Surgery@Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

  1. Protocols - treatment protocols used in Belfast

  2. Chest drain management

  3. Pain management

  4. Chapters - McManus's Highly Opinionated Textbook of Thoracic Surgery

  5. How I do it - photos, videos and text descriptions of common thoracic operations.

  6. Developing a thoracoscopy service

  7. Case Histories - cases of interest

  8. Videos of procedures

  9. Quotable quotes, medical and otherwise

  10. Information for patients on their procedure

  11. Downloads - files of selected pages in pdf or MS Word format for download


General Thoracic Surgery is the surgical treatment of diseases of the chest, excluding cardiac surgery. The specialty includes: chest trauma, surgery of the lungs, oesophagus (gullet), chest wall and ribs, the diaphragm and other intrathoracic structures.

This site has been designed as a resource for our own Thoracic Surgery trainees. We hope it is also useful to surgeons throughout the world who may be interested in the way we practice Thoracic Surgery here in Belfast.