Peri-operative protocols


In Thoracic Surgery we take patients with lung disease and other major co-morbidity, operate around the heart, and take away functioning lung and oesophageal tissue. Morbidity is common and it is only through the prevention, close monitoring and rapid treatment of complications that we are successfully able to perform this surgery. Complications are to be acted upon, not just watched; investigations acted on now rather than "mañana"!

This protocol is aimed to help anticipate and treat complications. The recommendations are to be seen as guidelines. They do not override the need to use clinical judgement and to treat each case on its merits.

You are not alone. Help is always available. If you do not know the plan for a patient ask someone more senior. If they do not know, ask some one who does, right up to the consultant. Do not leave a patient "hanging" with no treatment plan.